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Welcome to the Center for what I call "anthroufology" - the cross-cultural analysis of unidentified flying object (UFO) lore and research and allied topics. This is a transitional version of the site; its contents have been moved to a new webhost with minimal changes, leaving significant revisions for the very near future.

My goals for this site remain relatively modest, given the grandiosity of its title. If I intend the material herein to have any effect on the marketplace of ideas, it would be to defend and encourage the social-scientific examination of regions of human experience often stigmatized by those speaking for or taking their cues from epistemic orthodoxy.

Within the category of "stigmatized" I include the idea that nonhuman beings from some other part of the cosmos have a hand in human affairs. This is an increasingly widespread idea, and not simply in geographic terms. The distribution of and variations in this idea are key concerns of anthroufology, which I believe can (and should) be addressed through a combination of ethnographic case studies and global cross-cultural comparison and contrast. My hope is that many thoughtful, curious people - not simply those within my particular disciplinary field - will find this site useful and stimulating.

Not every section is directly concerned with UFOs: for instance, a significant component treats new religious movements, and another (under construction) will delve into fringe sciences. But UFOs pop up in widely disparate fields and in mysterious but provocative ways.

On the left of the screen lies a menu of links to the various components of this site, as well as information on the site's creator. On the right is a list of interesting things, including announcements. Browse and enjoy. Feel free to contact me by any means available herein.

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